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  • 5 Tips to Avoid a Plumber’s Visit on Black Friday

    As strange as it may seem, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday – the biggest shopping day in the USA) is one of the most hectic days of the year for … plumbers! You may ask why, but the answer is more than evident. On Thanksgiving you invite all your friends and family members to […]

  • Simple Tips to Reduce Heating Bills

    Even though you can’t do anything about lowering the price of natural gas this winter, there are still some simple things you can do to save on your heating bill. Here are a few tips: Reduce thermostat setting. In order to lower your heating costs, reduce your thermostat setting to 68 degrees. Putting on some […]

  • How to deal with a toilet clog

    What is a person to do when you pull the handle, and the toilet contents come back up at you, instead of going decently down and away? Panic is often the first reaction, but won’t help. If you can get the top of the toilet tank off quickly and close the flap, you may prevent […]

  • Finding a Water Leak

    Usually it is time to check your plumbing system for hidden water leaks, if one day you receive a water bill that is higher than normal. In order to detect a water leak, you should follow some of the simple steps. 1. Turn the running water off inside and outside your home. 2. Check for […]


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