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Forced Air System Troubleshooting and Repair

Forced Air Troubleshooting

A forced air in heating and air conditioning systems is a common design for heating/cooling of standard homes. This forced air implies that the air from heating or air conditioning systems is circulated through ducts inside your rooms, keeping them at comfortable temperature. After this the air moves back through the system and is cooled or heated before circulating through the house again. Forced-air systems are popular because they spread heated/cooled air throughout different rooms in the house.

Some homeowners avoid forced-air systems, thinking they will make annoying noise, create unpleasant drafts, or disperse dust around the house. But a well-designed and correctly installed system should do none of the mentioned things. At Orange County Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning we strive to provide you with the best possible solutions on installation, service and repair of various forced-air systems.

The key to both an efficient forced-air system and a comfortable home is thoughtful duct design and installation. Poorly designed ductwork can cause pressure imbalances within the building envelope resulting in moisture problems and high energy bills. Sealing ductwork to avert air leaks is also important.

The major problems with forced-air systems usually include noise and obstruction of airflow, caused by dirt, furniture or draperies blocking the registers. That’s why forced-air systems and their components should be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid any problems with their operation.

Contact our Orange County experts for recurrent inspection of the entire system. It will ensure a good working condition of your forced-air system, preventing health and fire hazards, as well as saving money and energy.

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