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Maintaining Commercial Building Plumbing in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Plumbing

Commercial buildings are meant for commercial use. Among them are convention centers, hotels, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, apartment buildings, church complexes and others. Typically commercial building plumbing receives more wear and tear than residential plumbing. Although commercial-grade pipes and plumbing fixtures are designed to withstand constant and substantial use, sooner or later they will start exposing signs that indicate the need for an upgrade or replacement.

In order to determine whether your commercial plumbing system requires repair or replacement in the nearest future, it would be best to consult an experienced plumbing contractor to help you with this task. Our skillful technicians at Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning are the most reliable professionals in California because we are known for our commitment to every plumbing job (big or small) and remarkable results are a proof of our diligent work. Our team will provide the most effective and long-lasting solutions to your commercial plumbing problems.

Commercial plumbing systems can be worn out by the following factors:

  • Use by employees: Some commercial buildings contain hundreds of employees, all of whom need to use restrooms, wash their hands and use sinks. This puts extra strain on a commercial building plumbing system. Thus it needs to be reliable.
  • Public restrooms: in reality public restrooms exhaust commercial plumbing system. Every day they are being used by hundreds or even thousands of customers of a large retail or commercial establishment. These customers flush toilets, run sinks and use drinking fountains continuously. Inconsiderate customers may even leave faucets running or may flush things down the toilet that weren’t supposed to go into commercial building plumbing in the first place.
  • Commercial water needs: If your company requires a large and steady source of water for your commercial activities, your plumbing units will be exploited regularly to provide that water. Even systems designed for carrying millions of gallons of water every year will eventually need upgrading or replacement.

Four Signs Indicating an Upgrade of your Commercial Building Plumbing

The following four signs might indicate potential problems with your commercial building plumbing. If you have noticed these signs, contact our plumbing contractor at Orange County for expert help in verifying the condition of your commercial plumbing system and making upgrades if needed.

  • Leaks: Evident leaks and drips are the most vivid signs of commercial plumbing problems that could require complete repipe or fixture replacements.
  • Stains: Water stains on walls and under plumbing pipes can also indicate leaks requiring pipe replacement soon.
  • Pipe and tubing damage: Damage or changes in the physical characteristics of plumbing pipes and tubing can signal the need for replacement. Look for dents, dimpling, flaking and discoloration.
  • Water color: Discoloration of the water in your plumbing system indicates corrosion inside the pipes. Brown or yellow water is common when pipes are decaying. When water begins to show discoloration, a pipe replacement will most likely be necessary soon.

Contact Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning if you require any upgrade or installation of your commercial plumbing or HVAC systems.

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