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How to Avoid DIY Plumbing Disasters


A famous saying states that there is no place like home. For your home to become a place where you would like to stay and spend most of your time, you will have to take a proper care of it – from the home mechanics to everyday cleaning and maintenance. Plumbing systems are a zone of major concern. They are essential to ensure the right daily functions of your home, including washing clothes and providing running water. Since sometimes inviting a plumber becomes a costly venture, homeowners opt for DIY projects, but without proper skills they end up with more expensive repairs as a result of DIY plumbing disasters. So how to avoid these DIY plumbing mistakes and keep your system function at its optimum efficiency? The answers are found below.

  1. The stupidest mistake of all times made pretty often is forgetting to turn off the water at the main or the shut off valve. This mistake causes ruining of the furniture, flooring or even a major portion of the house. As a homeowner your primary goal in avoiding a huge water disaster is to find out where the shut off valves are located (that is usually the basement area or a hidden access panel).
  2. Some homeowners are crazy about putting new fixtures in their homes. However, do not forget about water pressure that needs to keep up with these fixtures. Or actually, vice versa, the fixtures should match the water pressure, unless you want to end up showering with no water pressure at all.
  3. Never install mismatched pipes together. Even though it might seem right to you. It wouldn’t be right anymore, once they develop water leaks, causing loss of water pressure, water damage or a bunch of other issues.
  4. When ordering custom-made items for your bathroom, make sure that they fit properly before doing that. It would be wise to consult a reliable plumber before spending money on something that wouldn’t fit right.
  5. Duct tape is not a plumbing technique. A leaky pipe won’t be fixed with the duct tape, even though the idea might seem alluring. Eventually the tape will fail and the leak will remain. Loss of water pressure and water damage are guaranteed.
  6. Overflowing toilets are a common plumbing nightmare. It is not pleasant at all to constantly clean up paper and water from the floor. Instruct everyone in your household to flush only toilet paper and waste down the toilet drain. Otherwise the toilet can become clogged, and do not think that some “liquid plumber” will do the trick. Do not ignore the blockage unless you want to smell and clean the sewage all over the bathroom floor.
  7. While installing a new joint, do not over-tighten it, this will result in a leak. It is better to call a professional plumber (like the one from Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning) to install the new joint.
  8. Breaking your wall tiles, plaster, or anything else in the way of a pipe in the process of DIY project can result in a major plumbing disaster as well. Do not let this happen.
  9. Call the plumber from Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to begin with and any plumbing issues would be accurately maintained, avoiding extra stress and saving extra money.


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