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Strange noises coming from your plumbing system. When to raise the alarm?


Sometimes in the middle of the night you are awakened by the strange noises heard from your bathroom or kitchen. Of course, you get irritated and desperately wait for them to stop. But they wouldn’t… If you have taken your plumbing system for granted for all those years, now is the time to reap the consequences of neglecting your plumbing system’s maintenance. Taps, bathroom fixtures and pipes let you know that they require fixing or replacement by producing annoying sounds. Read on about some most widespread noises coming from malfunctioning plumbing along with possible solutions.

Vibrating sounds in the wall whenever the toilet is flushed

The problem would be the toilet’s fill valve. Over time this valve loses elasticity and becomes hard. While shutting off, it bounces in micro vibrations directing a shock wave back into the piping. Remove the toilet tank lid and lift gently on the fill valve float arm. If the noise stops, you’ve found the cause for vibrations and replace the fill valve.

Dripping faucet

A faucet that drips constantly is similar to that frustrating dripping on a rainy day. This noise also reminds you that water you pay for is being wasted. Probably all you need is to replace the old washer in your faucet or consider installing a new one, especially if this dripping happened before.

Shower Rumbles

Whenever you try to take a shower, you hear this disturbing rumbling sound and wonder what that could be. A buildup of mineral sediment in either the water heater or the pipes due to very hard water might be the reason for that noise. In this case it would be thoughtful to flush your water heater once a year to remove the sediment. If the problem lies in the pipes themselves, consider cleaning them by a professional and licensed plumber. Also a water softening system to get rid of this issue in the future would be helpful.

Weird Gurgling Coming from the Drain

Most likely your vent pipe is blocked and it prevents water from draining as it should, causing bad smells and gases to back up into your home. In this case the vent opening should be visually checked for any obstructions.

Pipes Screech or Whistle

Pipes that whistle, screech or squeal when you turn the tap on should not make you nervous, it is more important to find the reason for this incessant racket. The possible causes of the noise are listed below:

  • Air in your pipes. You can fix this problem yourself. Close the water shutoff valve and fully turn on the faucet until it drains completely. Then reopen the valve.
  • Debris or other obstruction in your pipes. Flush the system with water – it should do the trick.
  • The pressure is not turned up high enough. Temporary fix would be to turn on the faucet to full pressure every time you use water. Longer-term repair – change faucet washers or valve stem.

No matter what sound you might hear, if in doubt – call a qualified plumber. At Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioningour professional plumbers will arrive upon your call, thoroughly check your plumbing system and eliminate any conditions that cause those strange noises at your home.

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