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The Horrors of Drain Abuse


There are many forms of abuse but the one we are going to talk about is an unusual form of abuse. It seems harmless at the first sight but when you take a closer look, you will notice its deceitfulness. This is drain abuse. Have you ever heard of it? Maybe you haven’t, but you definitely “abused” your drains at one point or another… Cannot believe it? Read on!

Your kitchen, laundry room and bathroom drains are exploited for years, helping you maintain household hygiene on the highest level and how do you pay them back? Neglect the problem or ignore it altogether. Below are some common ways how some homeowners mishandle their drains. Find out if you are one of them.

  1. Neglect may result in a plumbing disaster.

If you are the homeowner neglecting your drain maintenance, do not be surprised when your drains start “complaining”. You can do so by simply rinsing your leftover cooking grease down your sink. Next time think twice before “committing such a crime”.

  1. Over-protectiveness of some homeowners

Some homeowners have this characteristic in abundance which is another extreme. They are in love with their house or condo and imagine themselves to be expert handymen. Clogged drains? Not a big deal. A drain cleaner bought in the nearby supermarket will do. They try over and over again until they seem to succeed. They forget one simple truth that many drain clogs are resistant to chemicals. What’s even scarier, a drain cleaner overdose can even corrode sewage pipes or destroy “waste-eating” bacteria in a septic tank.

  1. Toilet is not a garbage disposal!

If you confuse your toilet with a garbage disposal, you are definitely abusing your drains. Every object which you flush down your toilet passes through your toilet’s sewage pipe and then through the main household drain. Toilet paper was manufactured in a way that it breaks apart on its way into the sewage pipe. Other things like wads of paper towel or your kids’ toys do not dissolve. When you dispose the mentioned things in the right way, it will save you much headache as well as protect your drains.

  1. Beware of Much Hair!

When it comes to bathroom drains, an overabundance of hair, whether canine or human, can result in a clogged drain. If the homeowner just used a shower or sink strainer, this case could be easily avoided.

  1. Lack of Attention

Major problems with clogged drains don’t happen overnight. Your sewer system gives early warning signs, like a toilet that backs up when flushed or the toilet that drains slowly, often making a gurgling sound along the way. Another danger signal would be water that appears in unexpected places. The mentioned signals indicate clogged drains, this problem might not be evident at first but in almost every case it only gets worse.

  1. Fear of Plumbing

If you are a homeowner that is described above, your drains will eventually become seriously clogged whether you want it or not. In this case plumbers would be the greatest solution. However, a lot of homeowners seem to have an unreasonable fear of plumbing and make lame excuses for not calling a professional such as “It will work out sooner or later, I just need to buy this new sewage cleaner”, etc. It won’t and you will be the one to blame, so it is best to call professionals like the ones from Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning who can fix your drainage problem in no time and for a reasonable price!

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