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Water Softeners


Water softeners and water conditioner systems are important for your whole household. If you want to have your dishes cleaner with less spots, if you want to take shorter showers because it won’t take that long to wash off soaps and shampoos, if you want to have cleaner laundry or extend the life span of your water-using appliances, a water softener might be your perfect solution in these cases. In this article we will look at the water softener basics, benefits of water softeners and the reasons to buy them.

A water softener and a water conditioner have essentially the same goals with one unit using sodium molecules to confine hard minerals and the other unit doing just the same but without using salt molecules. A water softener /water conditioner system is typically connected to the in-line of a home’s water supply and when the water runs into your home, first it will pass through either one of these systems before being directed into the entire home.

Water softener basics

A water softener unit needs salt pellets to be added to the main chamber in order to filter the water through. As soon as the water gets into the water softener resin tank, the sodium molecules from the salt pellets capture hard minerals like iron, calcium, copper, nickel, lime and others. The result of this “captivity” is nice-feeling soft water. However, the minerals are not eliminated from water completely as in the water filtration systems; they are simply disguised not to cause corrosion to your home plumbing fixtures, taps, and appliances.

Benefits of water softeners

The greatest benefit of water softeners is evident – they can prolong the service of your water-using appliances, your plumbing systems and even your clothes.

The research was conducted in regard to water heaters that have been using hard water for 15 years. They lost 50% of their efficiency during this time, while those using softened water kept their initial efficiency rating. Hard water is also hard on showerheads, making them lose 75% of their flow rate in less than a year and a half, but the showerheads functioning on softened water still provided a full flow.

You won’t need to use as much soap for dishes, laundry or showering with a water softener as in case of having hard water. Water softeners have become more cost-effective, using up to 75 % less salt.

Reasons to buy a water softener

Before buying a water softener, diligently investigate the product and company that supplies it.

Avoid companies that use high-pressure sales tactics and deal with a reputable company that offers guarantee of returning the money in case of a defective product.

85 % of homes in the USA have hard water. It is defined as containing more than 17.1 milligrams of minerals (such as magnesium or calcium) per liter. You will know by the residue left on your dishes or a showerhead that you have hard water, but water softener companies offer water testing so that you may know for sure.

While hard water is not necessarily harmful to your health, it can deteriorate your home appliances and clothing over time. With the water softener they will last longer.

When you deal with a technical stuff such as a water softener system, make sure there’s someone who will lead you through the purchase process and consult if you encounter any trouble.

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