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Smells in Your Bathroom, What Can Be Done


Smells in Your Bathroom, What Can Be Done

A bathroom is meant to be the place where we go to wash and freshen up and we want to be able to do that in peace and comfort. A smelly bathroom can spoil the cleaning experience making us eager to rush out as soon as we are done with the routine. You can solve all of these problems by first finding the source of the smell and second eliminating it and keeping your bathroom clean and fresh.

  1. Dry Pipes

Dry traps in the drain pipes present one of the reasons for a smelly bathroom. In order for the drains to function properly, the traps should be filled with enough water. To check this, remove the drain trap cover and shine a flashlight down the drain pipe. If the water is not seen, fix the problem by pouring some water down the drain pipe until there is water in the trap. The smell will be gone if the dry traps were the reason for it.

  1. Clogged Pipes

Another reason for a stinky bathroom is a clogged pipe. The bathroom drain pipe gets clogged because of long hair that tangles in the drain hole, body oil, old human skin, shampoos and other products that might cause a blockage. Remove the hair by hand and throw it in the trash can. Then pour some commercial drain cleaner down the drain, let it sit and in a couple of hours run a lot of water down the drain. This process should help eliminate the smell.

  1. Cracked Floors

If the bathroom pipes are neither dry nor clogged, examine the floor of the bathroom for cracks. The cracked tiles or other flooring can lead to water discharge to the boards beneath the flooring. These damp boards can start to stink over time. If this is the issue, you will have to replace both the cracked floor and the damp boards under it. Such a reason is unfortunate but if that’s the case, only a complete replacement of the wooden floorboards will remove the smell from your bathroom. You will have to call professionals for this kind of job.

  1. Wax Seal

The wax seal around the drain pipe cover or toilet base could be dry and damaged. If it is broken, loose, or not correctly installed, it could let sewer gases seep out. This can cause a foul smell. If needed, the wax seal can be replaced by the homeowner without any trouble and a new seal should help to get rid of the smell.

  1. Lack of Ventilation

Lack of air circulation can also cause rotten smells in your bathroom. Mold flourishes in damp environment, so it is quite possible that this substance is already growing in your bathroom. Check hidden spots and clean your bathroom from the mold first. In this case a desiccant will also become useful. You can also use an odor absorber or a small, plug-in air purifier or both to eliminate smells.

In case if you haven’t succeeded in determining the source of the smell in your bathroom and the mentioned hints didn’t help, contact Orange Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, the reputable plumbing and HVAC contractor to fix your situation. We will eagerly come to the rescue and troubleshoot the problem.

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