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Get Your AC System Ready for Summer


Usually when it is cold outside and your air conditioning unit is off, the last thing on your mind would be to prepare it for the summer. But think twice about it – if you get your AC unit ready beforehand, you won’t be disappointed and sweating when summer heat hits. No matter how great and high-grade your AC might be, it still needs maintenance and care on a regular basis.

The following are some helpful hints for your consideration on how to get your AC ready for summer, so you can easily adapt to the weather changes that are just around the corner.

1. For the efficient operation of your AC, it needs to drag air through all the supply lines inside your home. Keep all the areas around the interior vents unobstructed and also check that any greenery, overgrowth or dirt is away from the exterior vents.

2. Certain bugs are drawn to the outside unit and can damage its inner parts. Keep such pests and ants away with the help of eco-friendly pesticide and inspect the unit regularly in summer. Beware of dogs and larger animals in the proximity of the outside unit as well.

3. Make sure that the outdoor AC unit is installed correctly and stays level. Most of these units are standing on patio blocks, concrete slab or other type of platform that serves as a level surface for the unit operation. When the ground settles with time, the AC shifts and can wear off too soon. If this happens, call a professional AC technician to re-level your AC.

4. Turn the system off when you mow your lawn. A lot of units were damaged by lawn trimmers and clippings. Clippings can enter the outdoor coil, create nests and get into the fan motor. Use a brush to clear any debris away.

5. Install a programmable thermostat. Program the AC unit for warmer temperatures when you leave your home for some period of time or at night when it is cooler outside.

6. If your AC air filters are stuffed with dust and dirt, it takes much more effort for the entire unit to cool your air. As a result its effectiveness is decreased and energy consumption is increased, which eventually produces a higher electricity bill. Changing the air filter regularly will help maintain a cleaner house, reduce allergic reactions, making it easier to breathe.

7. Check the AC duct work and make sure that it is not damaged.

8. Set up regular maintenance check-ups by a professional.

At Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioningwe will gladly help you with preparing your AC for summer. Malfunctioning of your unit may not be noticed with a naked eye, but our professional technicians can easily diagnose the root of the problem and change air filters, check the humidifier, adjust fan belts, inspect the damper system and ensure that the vents are working properly.

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