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The Benefits Of Using Touchless Bathroom Faucets


There are so many benefits of installing and using touchless bathroom faucets, especially nowadays with the spread of COVID-19 and the extreme importance of frequent hand washing. Keep reading to see how these faucets work and how beneficial they are.

Touchless bathroom faucets

How do touchless bathroom faucets work?

Also known as an automatic or sensor faucet, the touchless faucet is an advanced type of a water tap that has been designed with a proximity sensor that turns on the tap valve when sensing hand motions. It also closes the valve when the sensor doesn’t detect any hand motions. These tap systems are widespread in hotels, airports and public bathrooms. But such touchless sensor faucets can also become a great addition to residential homes as they are considered luxurious and convenient.

Benefits of touchless bathroom faucets.

Many homeowners in Orange County are concerned whether it’s a good idea to invest in touchless bathroom faucets. These faucets operate using motion sensor technology and make turning the water on effortless. Our plumbing professionals from Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning share some of the most important benefits of touchless bathroom faucets with our customers.

  1. Water Conservation.

We as homeowners usually take water for granted. We expect a steady stream of water to serve all of our needs of washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. However, we should know that fresh water is a limited natural resource and it needs to be conserved, because we don’t know for how many more years the water supplies in lakes, rivers, streams, etc. will last. And we surely want to think about future generations.

When you invest in touchless bathroom faucets, you conserve water. These faucets turn on only when they sense movement. You don’t have to bother anymore that someone would leave water on or sinks would overflow. Touchless faucets “know” when they are not needed and they will stay on only for as long as they detect movement or once 10 seconds have passed.

  1. Simple to use.

Both basic hands-free bathroom faucets and more complex ones are easy to use and suitable for everyone. They are extra convenient for the elderly, young children, those with impaired motor skills, or other situations in which washing hands the traditional way is somewhat difficult. Maintenance of touchless bathroom faucets is also simple because they rarely develop leak issues, especially those of a higher quality. Customers at your commercial facility will be thankful for the ease of their use, and homeowners will appreciate the fact that these types of touchless faucets can increase the value of their property.

  1. Savings on water bills.

Touchless bathroom faucets deliver water “on-demand,” only when your hands motions trigger the sensor. No more customers who leave the water dripping in restrooms of commercial buildings. Homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about their children wasting water. Consider the environment, conserve water and save on monthly water bills.

  1. Adequate sanitation.

Sanitation can become an issue when many people touch tap knobs or handles throughout the day. Hands-free faucets prevent the spread of germs and viruses due to the absence of knobs and handles. Certainly, you will need to clean the sensor area and faucet itself to guarantee a healthy environment. Still, germs are kept to a minimum due to less frequent or no touching. In this season of coronavirus pandemic good hygiene has become of primary importance.

  1. Modern design.

The sleek design of touchless bathroom faucets without handles or knobs definitely suits the overall look of the modern bathroom. If you’ve designed your office or home to fit a modern brand, it will help to design your bathroom accordingly.

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