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5 Tips to Avoid a Plumber’s Visit on Black Friday


As strange as it may seem, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday – the biggest shopping day in the USA) is one of the most hectic days of the year for … plumbers! You may ask why, but the answer is more than evident. On Thanksgiving you invite all your friends and family members to celebrate one of the greatest holidays of the year. You prepare tastiest meals, set the most extravagant table and enjoy the day. As a host you work hard all day, trying your best to please the guests. Some guests do feel thankful, offering you their help in cleaning up the mess with the best intentions at heart. And that’s when the “fun” begins. Usually being inexperienced and unfamiliar with your garbage disposal and sink, they force that unfinished last plate in it and rinse too much excess fat down the drain, which consequently results in huge blocking problems. The “fun” ends next day on Black Friday when you as the host have to chase a plumber instead of chasing discounts at the local malls.

That’s why year after year there is a major influx of plumbing calls on Black Friday as a result of all that festive food preparation and guests visiting your home. People complain about toilets clogs, broken garbage disposals, burst pipes and much more. At Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we know that the holidays can be both satisfying and stressful, so we decided to share five beneficial pre-holiday plumbing tips to avoid the recurring Black Friday plumbing issues that interfere with your holiday plans:

  1. Stuff your turkey, and NOT your garbage disposal! Never wash fat, oil or greasy products down the drain. Avoid placing poultry bones and fibrous vegetables in the disposal, because they can come apart and wrap around the disposal blades.
  2. Place a sink strainer in your sink to prevent food particles or utensils from flushing down the drain.
  3. Before rinsing dirty plates in your sink or dishwasher, make sure that all food remnants are cleared off. You can use the toilet paper to wipe your dishes before arranging them in your dishwasher. Remember that excess food parts clog drains and back up dishwasher drainage.
  4. Do not flush anything down the toilet drain except for human waste or small amounts of toilet paper.
  5. If you have people staying with you during the holiday season, make 20 minutes’ breaks between showers so water has enough time to drain.

If you follow these simple tips, they will help you to avoid calling the plumber during the holiday, but if the plumbing issue does occur, do not hesitate and contact Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and we will be more than willing to help.

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